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Break Resistant Acrylic (42)
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Slate Grey (11)
Misty Blue (11)
Sea Foam Green (11)
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Amethyst (13)
Black (40)
Blue Spruce (13)
Burgundy (40)
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Medium Grey (13)
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The Natural Wood Tone of a Wood Framed Cork Bulletin Board is the perfect way display your Posters, Messages, Announcements, Collectable Memorabilia, Merchandise and anything else that fits in the enclosed bulletin board interior. The Wall Display Boards are also a great way to bring elegance and style to your indoor location.

We offer two major types of Wood Framed Lockable Bulletin Boards: SwingCase Wooden Bulletin Board Display Cases and SwingFrame Wood Designer Bulletin Boards. The SwingCase Cork Boards are available in 1, 2 and 3 door wood display case models. The SwingFrame Designer Bulletin Board line features more options, like: Wood Shadow Boxes with Cork Boards, Oak Shadow Box Display Cases, extra large shadow boxes and designer wood framed cork bulletin boards.

                SwingCase Framed Cork Bulletin Boards feature Optional Tempered Glass

SwingCase Wood Enclosed Bulletin Board

With a stylish Design, this Wood Framed Cork Board compliments a wide range of interior decors while displaying your printed materials in an attention-grabbing fashion.

•    Cork Board Wood Display Cases in 3 Finishes: Walnut, Light Oak, Cherry
   10 Optional Fabric Covered Bulletin Boards
    Enclosed Bulletin Board Cabinets feature over ten viewable areas ranging from 8.5x11 to 42x42
    Front CAM lock standard on SwingCase Lockable Bulletin Boards
    Wall Display Boards with Energy Efficient T-8 Fluorescent Bulb and Personalized Header

These SwingCase Wall Display Boards are also come as Enclosed Bulletin Boards with 1,2 and 3 Doors with Front CAM Locks. A multiple door wood framed cork bulletin board is available with a 5 Inch White vinyl header and a T-8 Top Position Fluorescent Bulb.

SwingFrame Enclosed Bulletin Board Display Cases Conceal Hardware

The SwingFrame Designer Enclosed Bulletin Board Displays combat a plain and industrial looking cork board display case by concealing its hardware—a sliding gravity lock and door hinges—behind its attractive wood frame profile. Therefore, once the wall display board is wall mounted, people can’t tell it swings open, creating a handsome and custom picture frame presentation for your items and printed materials. That’s the SwingFrame Advantage: optimal function and eye-catching aesthetics through innovative design.

Wood Oak Shadow Box
Unlike other Wood Shadow Boxes with Cork Boards, this Oak Shadow Box Frame is a hardwood as opposed to a softwood. Therefore, the enclosed bulletin board will resist warping and hold its shape better over time. The 3-Step, 1.5” Wide Oak Display Case Frame is available in three classic finishes: Clear Oak, Pecan and Walnut Oak.

From a 1 Inch to a 4 Inch Deep Shadow Box Frame, you’ll have no trouble choosing the right oak framed cork bulletin board for your indoor location, especially since we offer 12 different bulletin board sizes ranging from 162x0 to 36x48. However, if you’re looking for a small shadow box or even many large shadow boxes, we can custom build an enclosed bulletin board shadow box frame to your exact specifications.

                     SwingFrame Designer Bulletin Boards and Wood Shadow Boxes
                                      feature Complimentary Beveled Matboard

SwingFrame Wood Shadow Box with Enclosed Bulletin Board

Looking for a Wood Shadow Bow with Cork Board Interior to add a classic touch to your interior décor? These SwingFrame Wood Shadowbox Frames are available as 1, 2, 3 and even 4 Inch Deep Shadow Boxes, making them perfect for displaying your Retail Merchandise, Collectible Memorabilia, Decorative Items, Announcements, Messages and a number of other printed materials and dimensional items. The Enclosed Bulletin Boards also features:

    1 3/8 Inch wide, attractive 3-Step Wood Frame Profile
    9 Wood Shadowbox Frame Finishes: Glacier White, Cherry, Opaque Black, Coffee Brow, Honey Maple, Mahogany, Marine Blue, Spruce   Green, and Walnut.
•    12 Wood Framed Cork Bulletin Board Sizes like: 24x36, 24x48, 30x30, 40x40, etc.
•    Fabric Covered Cork Boards in 6 Optional Colors: Burgundy, Black, Green, Wedgewood, Wheat & Silver Papier
    Custom Bulletin Board Sizes Available

In a public or high traffic area? Not a problem. This shadow box frame also features an optional Side Plunge Lock, making it a locking display case. Ordering a lockable bulletin board will give your wall mounted shadow box more security by reducing the risk of tampering or vandalism.

Large Shadow Boxes with Bulletin Board Interior

We carry large shadow box frames in sizes like: 16 x 20, 22 x 28, 24x 36, 36 x 48, up to 48x 96. These Extra Large Shadow Boxes also features interior large bulletin board display depths ranging from 2, 4, 6, and even 8 Inches. There are nine large shadow box wood frame finishes and 6 optional fabric covered bulletin boards. Also, order your large framed shadow box with an optional Front CAM Lock for more security for the contents of the enclosed bulletin board surface.

                                       Many Large Bulletin Boards SHIP FREE

SwingFrame Designer Wood Enclosed Bulletin Boards
Bring Style and Function to your indoor location with a SwingFrame Wood Framed Cork Bulletin Board. With timeless style and out patented SwingFrame Design, this high quality enclosed bulletin board can complement many interior decors with its 3-step natural wood grain, 1 3/8 Inch Wide frame profile, available in 9 colors: Cherry, Coffee Brown, Honey Maple, Mahogany, Marine Blue, Opaque Black, Spruce Green, Walnut & White Wash. So, if you’re looking for a wooden White framed bulletin board or an enclosed bulletin board with cherry finish, look no further.

These Wood Enclosed Display Boards are available is numerous popular bulletin board sizes ranging from 8.5x11 to 42x42. Whether you’re looking for a small bulletin board or a large bulletin board, these SwingFrame Designer Bulletin Boards are perfect for Menu Display Cases, Bulletin Board Displays for Merchandise or even as Enclosed Bulletin Board Message Centers for your office or work place.

This designer bulletin board includes additional optional features. There is an Optional Fabric Covered Bulletin Board available in six colors: Burgundy, Black, Green, Wedgewood, Wheat and Silver Papier. You can also ensure more protection and security for you bulletin board with an optional side plunge lock, making it a Locking Bulletin Board.

                        All SwingFrame Wood Enclosed Bulletin Board Built in the USA

Personalized Header and Lights

Some Wood Framed Bulletin Boards feature a 6” Personalized Header Panel and Interior Top Positions Lights. The Header Panel is printed in all CAPS Helvetica and the light is a long lasting and energy efficient T-4 Fluorescent Bulb that can illuminate your printed materials and items for up to 16,000 hours.

Custom Bulletin Boards and Custom Shadow Boxes

We have been making Custom Cork Bulletin Boards for over 15 years. We also have many different custom cork board sizes and options to choose from including hundreds of metal and wood frame profiles. With our experience and resources, you can rest assured that we can custom create the designer bulletin board that’s perfect for you. Whether it’s a metal framed cork bulletin board with lights, a small, large or huge black or white framed bulletin board, contact our Custom Design Department to learn more.

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