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What is the Floorstand made of?
Hardened Aluminum (5)
Steel (14)
What are the Flip Panels made of?
Hardened Aluminum (5)
Sewn Fabric (2)
Steel (12)
What backer board is inside the panel?
White Poster Board Divider (10)
Fabric over Cork (2)
Pegboard (1)
Vinyl Tackboard (2)
None (4)
Poster Panel Sizes
12 x 18 (1)
13 x 19 (1)
18 x 24 (1)
19 x 24 (1)
20 x 24 (1)
22 x 28 (2)
22 x 30 (3)
24 x 36 (5)
25 x 37 (1)
31 x 37 (1)
31 x 73 (1)
30 x 40 (7)
30 x 42 (1)
30 x 72 (3)
32 x 42 (1)
36 x 72 (3)
40 x 48 (3)
40 x 50 (1)
40 x 60 (1)
48 x 72 (3)
48 x 84 (3)
How many Panels does the display hold?
5 Panels (10 Views) (2)
6 Panels (12 Views) (3)
10 Panels (20 Views) (11)
12 Panels (24 Views) (1)
15 Panels (30 Views) (2)
20 Panels (40 Views) (5)
25 Panels (50 Views) (3)
30 Panels (60 Views) (3)
35 Panels (70 Views) (0)
50 Panels (100 Views) (1)
60 Panels (120 Views) (1)
Finishes / Colors
Antique Copper (3)
Beige (6)
Black (9)
Black / Silver (3)
Bordeaux (3)
Bronze (3)
Charcoal (3)
Clear Lacquer (3)
Cobalt Blue (3)
Gray (2)
Granite (2)
Green (3)
Light Grey (10)
Red (3)
Rustic Grey (3)
Silver (7)
Sky Blue (3)
Verdigris Green (3)
White (6)
Are Wheels Included?
Yes (5)
No (14)

Floorstand Poster Display Swing Panels

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Multi Panel Poster Display Stands, Art Display Stands, Information Display Floor Stands and Other "Flip Displays" are Part of an Extensive Selection of Free standing Poster, Art, Photo and Info Display Fixture Solutions From Display4Sale.

Our range of floor standing poster displays, art display stands , photo display stands and information display stands can be seen across the country in national retail stores to Fortune 500 companies. Although we offer and distribute all kinds of multi panel poster display fixtures and floor standing art displays we can also custom size many of the poster display swing panels featured on Displays4Sale. Call displays4sale for more information and for quotes.

Our Free Standing Swinging Panel Display Systems Meet Numerous Display Applications.
Posters Displays and Art Displays offered on Displays4sale include: Classic Swinging Panel Displayers, Floor Swing Panels with Art Display Bins, Multi Panel Fabric Floor Displays, Vinyl Tackboard Floor Display, Poster Display Rack with Poster Rack Bin, Free Standing Double Decker Photo Display, Free Standing Art Display, Large Free Standing Photo Art Display, Adjustable Multi Panel Poster Display and several Free Standing Tattoo Display and Flash Display Stands. Every swing panel display and poster flip display stand is different and choosing the right posters display or art display rack is something we can help you with. Free Standing multiple panel displays come in aluminum and steel constructed models that offer long lasting, durable stands that can hold up to day to day flipping and browsing. With these contemporary poster stands and art display stand models you can begin to explore the best solution meet your display fixture requirements.

Posters Display Stands, Art Display Stands –With Lots of Swing Panels
When it comes to free-standing poster displays and art displays with swinging panels, we have it all: Our swing panel display stands come in a variety of panel sizes and number of panels and can meet numerous art and poster presentation application. Swing panel sizes range from 13 x 19” offered in our Classic Floor Displayer Combo with Art Poster Bin, a 22” x 30” panel size in our Classic Floor Displayer to our super large panel size 31” x 73” that comes in the Large Free Standing Flash Display. These floor standing poster display systems and art display system are retail fixtures often referred to as “flip displays” and “swinging panel displays”. These art stands and poster stands come in numerous sizes from small to large and very large. Whether you need just one swing panel unit or require a volume order for your regional or national retail store projects, we can deliver to one central location or multiple locations. If you don’t see the floor standing display panel size or rack you need, give us a call we may be able to find or build the panel size that fits your needs.

Information Display Stands, Different Models with Lots of Swing Panels
Free standing information stands with swinging panels offered on Display4sale gives you several “Flip Display” stands to choose from, to help you with your information display stand needs as well as your budget. These Info display stands include: Multi Panel Straight Line Loop Fabric Floor Displays, Multi Panel Straight Line Matboard Floor Displays and Multi Panel Straight Line Vinyl Tackboard Floor Displays. These Information Center Stands feature swinging panels constructed in steel and offer fabric, matboard or tackboard (corkboard) panels that can display large amounts of lightweight materials simply by using with push pins, or Velcro hook tab circles or hook tape. Freestanding Information display panels come standard with swing panel sizes of 24" 36", 30" x 40" and 40" x 48". Info display stands can hold and display a multitude of printed materials include; instructions, maps, art, photos, posters, notices, charts, literature, schedules, prints, blue prints, historical documents, product information, even small items and product samples such as patches, literature, brochures and  fabrics. Many of the Art Stands and Posters Stands can be converted and also used to display all kinds of information.

Floorstand Swinging Panel Poster Displays: Space Saving and Cost Efficient Floor Stands
If You have limited floor space, Swing Panel Stands allow you to showcase a large amount of printed materials or thin product samples in a small confined floor area and free up valuable space. Free standing swinging panel displays; poster racks, art racks, flash photo displayers, flash art tattoo displays and information panels flip open like pages in a large book. You be surprised how much you can fit into these floor display units. Various size multi panel poster displays and art display racks come in models that offer 10, 15, 25 and up to 50 swinging panels. Solidly Built Aluminum and Steel Poster Display Systems, and Art Display Systems. Many of the swing panel display racks are placed into retail locations and other interior public environments, which means lots of people are browsing these eye-catching displays. Free Standing multi panel display panels are built to take the constant day after day panel flipping. Swinging Poster Display Panels and Art Display Panel Stands come in aluminum and steel models and are durable to take the public browsing.

Flip Displays Are More Than Just a Posters Stand and Art Display Stand
Free standing flip displays are popular for their use as poster racks and art racks but these swing panel stands have numerous other presentation display possibilities: including it's use as a Map Panel Stand and Map Rack, Blueprint Display, Showroom Display, Tattoo Display, Flash Art Display Rack, Floor Rack for Photos, Movie Posters Stand, Information Display Stand, Instruction Panels, Chart Display Stands, Printed Collectibles and Memorabilia Display. If you have lots of materials, no other poster flip display system is more efficient in organizing and displaying your materials than multi purpose, swinging panel, floor stand displays.

Free Standing Swinging Panels Displays: A Favorite Display Fixture For Retail Stores and Organizations
Limited floor space and large amounts of materials to display is the main reason why so many types of businesses, organizations and institutions use our presentation display stands, multi panel flip poster display floor stands, art and poster racks includes: Retail Stores, Medical Centers, Hotels and Resorts, Casinos, Airports and Transportation Centers, Sport Facilities, Entertainment Centers, Movie Theatres, Malls and Shopping Centers, Schools and Universities, Education and Training Facilities, Art Galleries, Gift Shops, Banks and Financial Institutions, Museums, Auto and Distributor Showrooms, Home Centers, Trade Shows, Convention Halls,  and Corporate Facilities.

The List of Free Standing Swinging Panel Display Systems and Racks Available at Displays4Sale Include:

                • Aluminum Floor Swinging Panel Displayers
                • Classic Floor Swinging Panel Displayers
                • Classic Floor Swinging Panel Displayers with Art Bin
                • Fabric Panel Straight Line Floor Displays
                • Matboard Straight Line Floor Display
                • Poster Display Rack Combo with 10 Swing Panels
                • Poster Display Rack Combo with 24 Swing Panels
                • Poster Display Rack Combo with 30 Swing Panels
                • Vinyl Tackboard Straight Line Floor Displayer – 90 Degree View
                • Double Decker Free Standing Photo Display
                • Free Standing Photo Art Displays with 10 -20 -30 Swing Panels
                • Large Free Standing Photo Art Display with 10 -20 -30 Swing Panels
                • Double Decker Free Standing Flash Display
                • Free Standing Flash Art Display
                • Large Free Standing Flash Art Display
                • Poster Display Rack Combo with 15 Panels
                • Poster Display Rack Combo with 20 Panels

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